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Microsoft and htc made it official that the htc hd2 wont be getting the windows phone 7 upgrade although the hardware supports it. When we talk about the htc hd2 nowadays, it is in shock and awe that it managed to survive yet another round of software updates from windows phone and android. Hardspl for tmobile usa hd2 1024mb of rom mirror link hardspl for all other hd2s 512mbs of rom mirror link. According to tom codon using this rom wifi, gps and bluetooth and almost everything works, but the graphics driver is a. The htc hd2 smartphone originally came with windows mobile 6. But that didnt stop the hacking community from dumping a windows phone 7 rom on the hd2, yes you read that right. There were some links here, but of course not for hd2. Next connect your phone to your computer and your phone screen should look something like this. Oct 04, 20 download and more info at windows phone 7 8 forhtc hd2 pdaimatejam rom v89os7108862144 windows phone 7. Jul 07, 2018 of course it is loaded with other goodies like ultrashot root manager, wm device center, usb video, nokia camera extras, nokia drive personally, i still prefer android over windows phone.

Windows phone rtm release to manufacturers was ported to the hd2 in august 2011, a month after rom developers at xda developers made a successful attempt to run a beta version on the device. If the phone was modified to install a custom rom of windows phone 7 on it, then an activation key cannot be provided. Once you download the radio rom, follow these steps. Unfortunately, two main windows phone 7 features i. Htcpedia have published these pictures of a purported russian rom, apparently ported from another device. Note all your data will be deleted when install new rom. Nov 09, 2010 download windows phone 7 rom for htc hd2 link removed. This is amazing to see that a 2009 device with a single core 1 ghz processor and 448 mb ram is able to run an android 5. It will be a little bit scary if you are upgrading windows mobile rom for the first time. I opened this blog for every tips, tricks and phone errors. Developers have been able to give the htc hd2 the lollipop experience using cyanogenmod 12 rom.

It will come true when you rip and convert dvd to htc touch hd2 with this quite nice dvd to htc touch hd2 converter. Internet, backup and social applications together with financial, weather, mapping and gps navigation software absolutely free for your windows phone. Want to enjoy dvd movies on your htc touch hd2 moblie phone at anyplace. Mar 28, 2010 could there really be a windows phone 7 rom for the htc hd2 after all. Download and install windows phone 7 rom on htc hd2 video. The htc hd2 is so fastand its screen is so bigthat you might not even notice its a phone. It includes some unique features like better customization, superior performance, better cpu usage, superram concept and much more. Free windows mobile apps more than 4500 free windows mobile games, apps and themes. Of course it is loaded with other goodies like ultrashot root manager, wm device center, usb video, nokia camera extras, nokia drive personally, i still prefer android over windows phone. This rom is a remarkable breakthrough for the hd2 and has most of the wp7 features working. Thats right, while microsoft has given windows phone 7. The htc hd2 is by far the longestliving android device, and it was designed to be a windows mobile device. If you have a different one, then let me know and i will link the rom you need but regardless, the steps are the same. Feel free to leave your opinions of this rom in the comments below.

Jan, 2011 windows phone 7, the latest mobile operating system flavor that microsoft brought to the market last year, is now available for users of a htc hd2 device too, via a custom rom released for them. On 23 december 2012, xda developer zoid created a custom debianubuntubased pentestfocused distribution called ubnhd2 for the htc hd2. Download the appropriate hardspl for your hd2 and extract it somewhere on your computer. The htc hd2 has achieved legendary status over the course of the last couple of years, thanks to the work of the. With its cpu 1ghz scorpion gpu adreno 200 ram 512mb can handle windows phone 7. First it got gingerbread, then ice cream sandwich, jelly bean and now kitkat thanks to the amazing developers which are keeping this phones software.

Extract the files on to your computer somewhere and this is what you should see after you extract the files. Nov 16, 2012 if you have a different one, then let me know and i will link the rom you need but regardless, the steps are the same. But there is lot of htc hd2 owners who love windows phone will like to download and install this wp7. Download windows phone 7 rom for htc hd2 link removed. Cyanogenmod is the best rom is you want to enjoy stock android and make your phone look like a nexus. Tmobile has rereleased a system software update for its htc hd2. Htc leo htc t8585 htc t9193 htc leo 100 htc hd2 official website. If youve only been following the movements of the smartphone industry during the. Free video to htc phones converter convert video files to mp4 format mpeg4, aac to playback on htc phones.

How to install android on htc hd2 windows mobile phone. You can save videos in high, standard and economy quality. I want to upgrade my windows program on my new htc hd2 tmobile usa. With phone powered off, press and hold the volume down button dont let go and power on your phone while holding down the volume down button. I will also tell you how to install android, windows phone etc. Dec 31, 2010 the htc hd2 smartphone originally came with windows mobile 6. This of course refers to the windows phone 8 hacking of the htc hd2 from earlier this year just near the end of november 2012, that is.

Download software for htc touch diamond pro hd2 fuze tilt, samsung and other smartphones. Windows phone 8 for htc hd2 rom ported successfully images. The htc hd2 may be the greatest phone in the world, able to run windows mobile, android, linux and even windows phone 7. Could there really be a windows phone 7 rom for the htc hd2 after all. The htc hd2 also known as the htc t8585, htc t9193 and htc leo, is a smartphone in the htc touch family designed and manufactured by htc. You can now boot windows phone 7 on your hd2 alongside windows mobile 6. Good news for htc hd2 users as the new rom is now available on vodafones website for download and update your htc hd2.

Jan, 2011 see how to install windows phone 7 on htc hd2 with magldr. Download windows phone 7 rom for htc hd2 now available. I would bet that there are bunches of people out there that w. Nand rom android install comes to htc hd2 android community. Great project for this phone of 2009 all tools as soon as possible. The htc hd2 has been hacked to work with windows phone 7 as well as 7. The xda developer forum hosts several android roms that are in development. How to install android on htc hd2 or any windows phones easily.

Phone 7 na htc hd2 installation windows phone 7 on htc leo wp7 wp8. This rom was much awaited after the announcement of windows phone 7 series. I need activation key for my htc hd2 windows phone 7. Its fast, stable and features a lot of preloaded apps and tools, including. Windows mobile enthusiasts up for trying a few new goodies beside what a stock rom for their device can offer have now new options to do so, in case they own an htc hd2 mobile phone. Tft display, snapdragon s1 chipset, 5 mp primary camera, 1230 mah battery, 448 mb ram. Allinone and professional dvd to htc touch hd2 tool can optimize all conversion and offer you the best possible dvd movie experience on your htc touch hd2 mobile. Looks like all the windows phone 7 devices are getting a second wind after their ill fate was announced. However under windows phone 7 the phone had a multitouch bug, requiring a user to touch the screen with bot. Download the original stock rom spl for your appropriate hd2 2. After months of intensive development, dft dark forces team has finally managed porting windows phone 7 to htc hd2 and have released the rom for you to install on your hd2. It supports such popular htc phone models as advantage x7500, advantage x7510, desire, dream, hd mini, hd2, hero, legend, magic, max 4g, nexus one, p3470, p6500, shift, smart, tattoo, touch, touch cruise, touch diamond, touch.

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